Property Management Solutions


Booking management systems (BMS, not to be be confused with a PMS which organizes staff, cleaning and maintenance) are an integral part of a manager’s daily life. Administration is of course important and is a tool that needs to wrap comfortably around your business and not pose more problems to an already hectic business.

Streamlining this part of your business allows more focus on sales, without which there would be no need for administration. Discovery is a very sales orientated business but we do realize that making back-end services easy, creates more opportunity and improves owner and customer relationships. Early adoption of basic management systems such as spreadsheets, Word Docs, email correspondence via Outlook is quite common.

These systems work well and are of course flexible and aligned to your operating methods. As a business grows however these generic packages become unmanageable and a dedicated system is needed. We often hear that many systems do not suit every manager. This is quite simply because each and every manager, who has owners, properties in various locations, with different legislation, extra taxes, unusual pricing issues and reporting cannot overlay their business on a standard, one model suits all BMS system! Managers require tailored solutions and this means a radical rethink at the software development phase.

Procuro is a system built from the ground up to suit managers and adapt to their standard operating procedures. The most important elements of any booking management system is ease of use and useful representation of data for managers, guests and owners. Not only this, but with diverse commission structures, pricing options, owners requirements, guest payment methods, deposits, refunds and regulatory requirements, many BMS systems struggle to mesh with the complexities of a rental business. Procuro is part of the Discovery business offering and is an important element for a growing portfolio.

Hooked into our advanced web builder, payment solutions and marketing programs, it is a seamless addition, although it can be used independently to manage bookings.




  • Designed to fit your business.
  • No need to change the way you work.
  • Manager, owner and guest access
  • Comprehensive financial and booking data management
  • Advanced and flexible pricing, taxes and reporting
  • Integrated with payments, web or standalone - from 1 to 1000+ properties
  • Integrated with the worlds most advanced web builder...Rentivo