Brand Partners


In an industry that is creating a tidal wave of change, many small businesses are struggling to survive and many others are facing serious challenges.

At Discovery we believe that working together with a common interest provides technology, cost benefits, increased awareness, and more organic guest interest with shared knowledge based on statistically significant volumes of data. All these are dividends in a world where the options are innumerable.

The growing number of marketplaces taxing rental businesses are also however creating awareness and increasing the global inventory. This puts more pressure on the owners and managers to adapt and to compete with fewer resources in a larger marketplace. Technology, as we all know, is driving the booking and marketing processes, but managers and owners are still the controllers of inventory and their own destiny.

Discovery started as a small business renting and personally managing a small local portfolio. We have invested substantially over the last ten years and accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing and technology. Today we market over 2000 properties under a single brand in many locations, all are either directly contracted or with first contact approved management.

Discovery has been approached a number of times to co-brand and work with partners on marketing and rental business but until now we have been reticent to move forward, despite our underlying ambition to develop a brand partnership. In 2016 we are pleased to announce that we will be introducing our first brand partners who will become part of our network and share in technology, knowledge and cumulative purchasing power.

Although we are now developing a business based on technology and industry knowledge with a rich variety of tools which can all be used independently, we are seeking qualified Brand Partners who may like to take advantage of an alternative fee structure.

Every business would love to have an established brand that is recognized as the “go to” or recognized measure of quality and service. The large marketplaces have been reaching for this position via their astronomical search position spending. They have deep pockets and are a necessary part of the marketing mix. They do not have the depth of knowledge needed at the property and local level and are unlikely to achieve this despite these advances in technology. Brand is not just about image and high search positions, it is about all the elements that go together to make up an experience time and time again. Local businesses are exactly that and to be seen on a bigger stage needs cooperation and sharing.



With guest travel habits changing, ranging further and wider and seeking new experiences, being part of a group that shares resources and information can increase the opportunity for all partners. Discovery is building partnerships across the globe, from Canada to the Costa del Sol, where all brand partners benefit from tools, technology, traffic, and commonality of values.

Some of the benefits are noted below:
  • Advertising across the growing network of Discovery sites free of charge with enquiries direct
  • Linking and SEO strength to your own website
  • Large existing client base who are marketed to regularly with new destinations and latest offers
  • Membership club (2016) for guests to benefit from closed pricing
  • Advice and assistance on all elements of booking and marketing
  • Price benefits on external advertising
  • Great deals on your payment solutions and channel management.
  • Booking management system that fits your business, not the other way around.
  • The most advanced web builder in the industry
  • Pre-prepared marketing document
  • Brand partners receive discounts on all these tools and free upgrades.


We are only looking for managers who have the same common values. We believe that all businesses should go that extra mile and demonstrate quality of care to guests and responsibility to owners. There is no qualification for only 5 star properties, this is an industry in which budgets vary substantially, but with good business comes better traction and more opportunity.

All members will need to use open systems that have data integration and are suitable for expansion. At Discovery we have a raft of tools we supply as part of our business.

Primary contact with guests is important. We know some people want to simply book, arrive and leave but many still want to engage with the managers or owners, ask questions and feel reassured. Being part of a brand assists this but the real assurances are at a local level.

This is an exciting move for us and for our partners and we look forward to a long and productive relationship with all our partners.

If you wish to know more please feel free to contact us to discuss further.