About Us

For our Guests

We are a collective marketing platform & business based on ethical rental practice and exclusive destination marketing in association with managers and owners.

Our focus is to ensure that you are dealing directly with local managers and owners that have direct knowledge of the property you are considering. They are there to answer all your questions regarding the accommodation, the local area, restaurants, shops, sites to visit and much more.

We believe disclosure and direct communication gives guests much more confidence and reassurance when booking. We all know technology is important and that payment security is critical, because of this we provide a secure online payment system through VacayPay.

Discovery Vacation Rentals strives to provide you with excellent service, quality accommodation, and secure online payments to enable you to make the best choice in accommodation for you and your family.

Our Partners:

Discovery Holiday Homes is our European partner and well recognized for its levels of personal service and investments in technology. This partnership gives Discovery Vacation Rentals access to a much broader reach of potential clients and shared industry experiences benefiting all managers and owners as this global vacation rental market develops.

Rentivo is an innovative website development & technology business focused on the vacation rental industry. Already powering some major websites globally, it offers an "open data" attitude to business with no "walled gardens" or restrictions. Rentivo’s emphasis is on developing a rich selection of tools to empower your vacation rental business. Please contact us for more information on this and other services Rentivo offers.

VacayPay is a leader in online vacation rental payment solutions utilizing the most advanced technologies. We are proud to be the North American VacayPay representatives. Please contact us for more information on the services VacayPay offers.

For vacation rental Managers and Owners


As a manager or owner of a vacation rental business we would like to invite you to join Discovery Vacation Rentals. We are a collective marketing platform based on ethical rental practices and exclusive destination marketing in association with owners and managers.

We have been in the vacation rental business for many years and have seen significant changes in the global marketplace, with increases in both accommodation volume and the online control by the large web based booking companies. This has driven up the costs to managers and owners substantially, as well diluting their own online presence and control.

What are the benefits of Discovery Vacation Rentals?

There is strength in numbers, but only if the collective has the same ethos and principles. The industry is truly global now and guests reach far and wide in their search for accommodation. Our goal is to provide a quality inventory in many destinations world-wide. These are offered from experienced management companies and owners who have local knowledge, skills and customer service, both online and offline. We believe there should be a dual focus of global representation while also offering a localized touch and service to your Guests. Our goal is to bring together quality homes, quality managers and owners and assist in the development of their own business.

How is Discovery Vacation Rentals supported technically?

We have spent over 3 years investing in the development of a system capable of supporting a global inventory and allowing administration by managers and owners with their own personally controlled platform. This system has a significant number of features and benefits and all are discussed in the full application document (available upon request). The objective is to connect guest with manager/owner directly and to facilitate the transactions.

Who are the members?

We have qualified managers and owners in many global destinations ranging from ski chalets nestled high in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, to beachfront homes in Hawaii, to urban accommodations in central London, to breathtaking villas along Lake Como, Italy, and more.