"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step"

Lao Tzu

A hundred, a thousand or ten thousand miles or however far you travel, the destination is only part of your journey. It is one that does need careful thought and planning. There should be no need for reassurance however that the resting place you are heading for is what you expected and paid for.

Our promise to you

Is to bring a new found confidence and ease of communication to your search for a perfect apartment, villa or chalet. Discovery is unique in its approach! We have formed a global collection of responsible managers and owners. They have first-hand local and on-site property knowledge at their fingertips.

We believe in...

1. Quality Confidence

All properties are managed on this site by the actual management companies or owners. We are in continual dialogue with all partners to reinforce quality and guest service expectations.

2. Dealing Direct

This growing collection allows you to enquire and book directly with a property manager or owner. You can rest assured that the people you are working with are local, can answer questions and help in many ways before and after arrival.

3. No Confusion

It is so hard to find the actual managers or owners of vacation homes these days through the many websites and other booking venues available. Most know nothing of where you are going or specific information about the property! We are different! We provide direct access and communication with the actual property manager or owner.

4. Making you a part of the equation

We love to hear your experiences and appreciate your feedback. You are a very important part of our success. We personalize every vacation rental experience and your feedback helps us make it even better for the future.